Powder Coating Services

Serving Freeport, Illinois and Surrounding Areas since 2013

What Can You Powder Coat?

Anything able to withstand the temperature of 400 degrees is able to be powder coated. A few examples are:

  • Tailpipes (Heat Resistant Coating)
  • Automotive Parts & Trim
  • Wheels: Color & Clear Coatings
  • Motorcycle & Chassis Parts
  • Patio & Lawn Furniture
  • Interior Design Projects
  • Sculpture & Metalwork
  • Indoor Furniture
  • Household Fixtures
  • Metal Stampings
  • Wire Products
  • Castings & Tubings
  • Bicycle Parts
  • And so much more…

Rejuvenate Antique Items

Antique Items

Bring back to life the original-like apperance of your old antique collectables! Sandblasted to remove all the old paint and rust, we then powder coat with the colors of your choice, making for a durable finish to last anothers lifetime.

IMG_0925-cropped-RS IMG_0967-cropped-RS
Dif Cover-before-RS Dif Cover-after-RS

Protect Your New Parts

Your New Parts

Whether you’re restoring your vehicle, replacing a part, or bought a new piece of equipment, we always recommend to powder coat it so it has a durable finish to last down the road. Colors come in all sorts, including polished aluminun if you like the brand new look.

Proudly Serving the Following Areas:

  • Freeport, Illinois
  • Lena, Illinois
  • Pecatonica, Illinois
  • Lake Carroll, Illinois
  • Lanark, Illinois